BIOL 115. Principles of Biology. 3 Hours.

PR or CONC: BIOL 116. An introductory course presenting basic principles of modern biology. This course represents the first in a four-course, integrated sequence required of biology majors. Topics include ecology and evolution, organismal biology, and cellular/molecular biology.

BIOL 116. Principles of Biology Laboratory. 1 Hour.

PR or CONC: BIOL 115. BIOL 116 is the corequisite laboratory course associated with BIOL 115 lecture. This laboratory course emphasizes the proper understanding and use of the scientific method to design and perform biological experiments. Discipline-specific communication techniques, including scientific writing, are also emphasized.

BIOL 117. Introductory Physiology. 3 Hours.

PR: (BIOL 115 and BIOL 116) or (BIOL 101 and BIOL 102 and BIOL 103 and BIOL 104) and PR or CONC: BIOL 118. Continuation of BIOL 115. The diversity of reproductive, developmental, functional, and integrative mechanisms in plants and animals.

BIOL 118. Introductory Physiology Laboratory. 1 Hour.

PR: (BIOL 115 and BIOL 116) or (BIOL 101 and BIOL 102 and BIOL 103 and BIOL 104) and PR or CONC: BIOL 117. BIOL 118 is the corequisite laboratory course associated with BIOL 117 lecture. This laboratory is a continuation of BIOL 116 and utilizes themes from plant and animal physiology to enhance student skill when applying the scientific method. Emphasis is placed on experimental design and discipline-specific communication methods.