Program Overview

The West Virginia University Doctor of Pharmacy Program comprises four years of professional study preceded by a minimum of two years of pre-pharmacy coursework in an accredited U.S. or foreign college or university. The primary objective of the School of Pharmacy is to educate practitioners for current and future roles in the pharmacy profession and to educate pharmaceutical scientists for careers in teaching and research.

To prepare for the professional curriculum, students must complete a pre-pharmacy curriculum emphasizing the biological and physical sciences. In addition, pre-pharmacy students must complete a variety of courses of their choosing in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. For a listing of prerequisite coursework, the prerequisites offered at WVU, and the prerequisites offered at other West Virginia colleges or universities, please look at the links to the right. Students completing prerequisite coursework at a college outside of West Virginia should consult their academic advisor to help identify course equivalencies. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

High school students should prepare for the pre-pharmacy curriculum by focusing on the sciences, including higher mathematics (e.g., calculus). Students considering pharmacy as a career are encouraged to obtain exposure to professional practice via job shadowing or work experience. For more information about the abundance of career paths within the pharmacy profession, visit AACP’s new Pharm4Me monthly newsletter

You can learn about a direct admission pathway for high school students pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Undergraduate Admissions Process

First-time freshman and undergraduate transfer students apply through the main WVU application. Applicants should note "pharmacy" as their major of choice. Upon application evaluation, the applicant is automatically admitted to the direct admit pathway if he, she or they meet the criteria. If the applicant does not meet the requirements for the direct admit pathway (DAP) program, he, she or they are admitted to the Healthcare Pathways with Pharmacy Interest major, formerly known as prepharmacy. The Center for Learning advises Healthcare Pathways with Pharmacy Interest students, Advising and Student Success (CLASS). Students may continue to update test scores, GPA and other means of meeting the math requirement for the direct admit program through May 1, 2024. 

You can visit the Admissions Procedures and Requirements page for a complete PharmD Program admission requirements list. Admission to the professional program is based on holistic application evaluation.

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