Early Decision:

  • Apply to School of Pharmacy via PharmCAS beginning July 18, 2019. Deadline for submission of PharmCAS application is September 3, 2019.
  • Take Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) in either July or September. The July date is preferred. 
  • Interviews of qualified applicants take place late September and early October. Offers will be made by October 18.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, until further notice WVU will conduct remaining interviews via web technology. The deadline for submission of PharmCAS application has been extended to June 1, 2020. We will also accept the July 2020 PCAT scores to meet requirements for Fall 2020.

Regular Decision:

  • Apply to School of Pharmacy via PharmCAS beginning July 18, 2019. Deadline for submission of PharmCAS application is April 1, 2020.  
  • Take Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) in either July, September or any available date through February.
  • Interviews of qualified applicants take place November through April.

See below for more details on the admissions process.


WVU School of Pharmacy employs a holistic admissions process that looks at overall GPA (OPGA), prerequisite GPA (PPGA), PCAT scores, letters of recommendation, personal statement, personal interview, honors and awards, service, and employment. While there is no set GPA or PCAT scores, typically a PCAT at the 50th percentile or above and OPGA and PPGA’s of at least 3.0 are considered competitive.

All applications for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program must be submitted electronically via PharmCAS (http://www.PharmCAS.org). Applications for the Fall 2020 process begins July 18, 2019.  

Prerequisite Course Requirements:

Prerequisite coursework must be completed at a U.S. or foreign accredited institution of higher education.

Testing Requirements:

All applicants must take the PCAT within five years of the admissions cycle. The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is required. To insure that test scores are received in time for consideration by the Committee on Admissions, applicants are advised to take the test during the summer or fall administrations of the exam. Applicants are encouraged to take the exam at one of the earliest test dates. PCAT scores are to be sent to PharmCAS (be sure to use PCAT code 104). A composite PCAT score above the 50th percentile is preferred. 

Letters of Recommendation:

Three (3) letters are required, one letter from a faculty instructor and two additional letters from: another faculty member, employer, academic advisor, pharmacist or other health care provider.  References should be from individuals who have the ability to evaluate the candidate's academic abilities including written and oral communication skills, motivation, integrity, intellectual curiosity, empathy, problem solving and critical thinking skills at the collegiate level.  

NOTE:  An unsatisfactory recommendation is sufficient grounds for denial of admission.

Due to the PharmCAS limit of four LORs accepted from each applicant, the applicant may need to send additional LORs directly to WVU in order to meet WVU LOR requirements. Those applicants are required to send them to Jennifer Clutter at the address below by June 1, 2020 deadline.

WVU School of Pharmacy
Attn: LOR
1122E HSN
PO Box 9500
Morgantown, WV 26506-9500

Letters of Recommendation Requirements:

    • Clergy: Not accepted
    • Co-Worker: Conditionally Accepted
    • Employer: Recommended but not required
    • Faculty Advisor: Recommended but not required
    • Family Member: Not accepted
    • Friend: Not accepted
    • Health Care Professional: Recommended but not required
    • Pharmacist: Recommended but not required
    • Politician: Not accepted
    • Pre-Health Advisor: Recommended but not required
    • Professor (Liberal Arts): Recommended but not required
    • Professor (Math): Recommended but not required
    • Professor (Science): Recommended but not required
    • Supervisor: Recommended but not required
    • Teaching Assistant: Conditionally Accepted

Personal Interview:

Applicants deemed eligible by the Committee on Admissions will be scheduled for a personal interview. 

Post Interview Information:

Within two weeks after the interview, a candidate will receive an e-mail designating his/her assignment to one of three possible categories:

  • Provisional Admission - The applicant will be admitted into the class provided that any and all outstanding prerequisite coursework is completed satisfactorily by August before fall semester coursework begins. Also, the applicant must remain free of any violations of the Code of Conduct of the School of Pharmacy and West Virginia University or any law that would prevent his/her licensure as an intern. Applicants offered admission must send a non-refundable tuition deposit to hold their place in the class.
  • Deferred - A final decision will not be made on the applicant until all interviews are completed or all spring grades have been received.  
  • Denied - The candidate is not competitive for admission this cycle.

If a candidate is admitted, he/she must accept or decline the offer of admission electronically within the time period stated in the e-mail offering admission.

HSC Student Computer Program:

The WVU Health Sciences Student Computer Program provides standardized machines as an integral part of the curriculum. This computer package provides a portal for online education, electronic library access, software, Wi-Fi, off-site access, on-campus printing, warranty and insurance coverage and FREE on-site technical support from the HSC Help Desk.

Questions? Contact:

Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
WVU Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center
School of Pharmacy
1122 HSN
PO Box 9500
Morgantown, WV  26506-9500
Phone:  304-293-1894
Fax:  304-293-1447