Faculty in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy strive to prepare students for contemporary pharmacy practice by developing communication, problem-solving, and life-long learning skills and the ability to apply knowledge learned in the pharmaceutical sciences to patient care. Our goal is to produce pharmacists who have a high level of patient care skills and the ability to accept leadership roles in the profession. Our graduates are also well-prepared to enter postgraduate residency and fellowship training programs.

Department faculty teach required courses in the PharmD curriculum such as Preparation of Pharmaceutical Products, Foundational Pharmacy Skills, Evidence-Based Practice, Self-Care, Acute and Ambulatory Care Practice Experiences, and the four-semester systems-based therapy course sequence.

Elective courses offered by the faculty include Advocacy and Leadership, Pediatric Pharmacotherapy, Geriatrics and Gerontology, Acute Care Case Studies, Drug-induced Diseases, and Critical Care Pharmacotherapy. Department faculty members also serve as preceptors for the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) in the fourth year of the PharmD curriculum.

The Department offers postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) residencies in drug information (with Mylan Pharmaceuticals) and community pharmacy (with Waterfront Family Pharmacy, three Kroger Pharmacy locations, and Moundsville Pharmacy). Postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) residencies are available in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and geriatrics (the latter in affiliation with Charleston Area Medical Center). PGY1 residencies and PGY2 residencies in critical care, oncology, and pediatrics are offered by West Virginia University Hospitals (http://pharmacyresidency.wvu.edu).