WVU Department of Clinical Pharmacy research focuses in the following areas:

  • Educational Research: To improve professional pharmacy education.
  • Practice-Related Research: To enhance the delivery of direct patient care and other services that improve patient health.
  • Clinical Translational Research: To apply discoveries made using laboratory-based research to patient care settings.

The diverse research interests of the faculty in the department are related to their specialty practice areas. Areas of specialization that serve as focus areas for research and scholarship include community pharmacy, ambulatory care, family medicine, internal medicine, infectious diseases, oncology, geriatrics, pediatrics, drug information, toxicology, and experiential learning. The types of research conducted within these areas may include educational research, practice-based research, and laboratory-based research with clinical applications.

Our research efforts are directed toward enhancing the quality of patient care through basic and applied research efforts such as investigating drug efficacy and appropriate medication use; studying the pharmacokinetics of drug products; evaluating quality of life, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmaceutical outcomes; designing, developing, and evaluating the impact of pharmacy services; and improving the education of student pharmacists, patients, and health care providers about medication therapy.