Researchers across campus are taking a One WVU approach to solving important problems and saving lives. At its core, an experimental therapeutics platform that integrates multiple disciplines from chemistry and biology to the health sciences and cancer institute. 

Assistant Vice President of Experimental Therapeutics Dr. Paul Lockman explained the importance of the collaboration and its mission during his presentation, “Focus on Experimental Therapeutics.” The talk was part of the West Virginia University Office of Research and Graduate Educations’ speaker series, Evening of Science. 

Lockman, who is also the senior associate dean of research in the WVU School of Pharmacy and associate director of the WVU Cancer Institute, will lead the efforts. The program’s overarching mission is to create a rich research environment for faculty and students to interact with regard to molecular science and drug development; create and discover new therapeutic drugs or develop those that already exist, support clinical trial activity and strengthen community partnerships. 

Attendees toured the newly renovated therapeutics lab which currently houses four chemists and two scientists who design drugs with computers. Trainees in the space include all levels from post-doctoral fellows to undergraduate students. $1.25 million has been invested in the lab to date.