RDTP - safe, rational, cost-effective therapy!

The Rational Drug Therapy Program (RDTP) is dedicated to safe, rational, cost-effective, and patient outcome oriented drug therapy. RDTP is part of West Virginia University School of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmaceutical Systems and Policy and supported through a contract with the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services (WVBMS). Implemented in 1995, the program provides prior authorization and consultative services for West Virginia Bureau of Medical Services’ Medicaid pharmaceuticals program and since July 1, 2005 to the Public Employees Insurance Agency, and WV CHIP programs.

As part of the prior authorization service this program reviews not only the medications listed on the WV Medicaid and PEIA preferred drug list but also performs clinical prior authorization reviews for certain classes of drugs including home health products and injectable medications.

The program also performs the duties of the Pharmacy Provider Help Desk for WVBMS and Molina Medicaid Solutions. This is the technical call center for pharmacy providers to help with problems encountered during the electronic claim processing of the WV Medicaid program.

Hours of Operation


Rational Drug Therapy Program
64 Medical Center Drive
PO Box 9511 HSCN
Morgantown,WV 26506-9600





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