Research and Graduate Programs


The Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences has two pathways through which a Ph.D. degree is earned: Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (PPS) and Health Outcomes (HO). The application and admissions process for each pathway is distinct, so it’s important to apply to the correct pathway.

Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences Pathway: This pathway emphasizes basic laboratory research and training in the biomedical sciences. Areas of specialization include: pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, drug delivery systems, pharmacokinetics, molecular biology.

Health Outcomes Pathway: This pathway emphasizes population-based, health outcomes and policy research. Areas of specialization include: pharmacoeconomics, health services research, pharmacoepidemiology, health behavior and risk.

The Ph.D. degree prepares trainees for research-related careers. Individuals who are interested in working as a licensed pharmacist and health care provider should apply to the Pharm.D. program.