The Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (PPS) program emphasizes basic laboratory research and training in the biomedical sciences. The PPS program uniquely encompasses a wide variety of interrelated areas of science and technology, including pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, drug metabolism and design, cellular and molecular biology, molecular modeling, nanotechnology, and so on. For example, students interested in the design of new drugs are trained to combine knowledge in analytical/synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and molecular modeling. Cancer research may involve a combination of physicochemical methods, cellular and molecular biology, and drug metabolism to design and evaluate novel drug delivery systems and their pharmacodynamic and therapeutic effects.

Areas of specialization include: bionanotechnology, cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology, cancer research, drug discovery and design, and neuropharmacology.

Financial support: A tuition waiver, annual stipend of $25,000 and health insurance is provided to full time students

Average time to graduation: 4 to 5 years.