Pharmacy experts and educators from across the country discover what the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy has to offer in Pharmacy Education during the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) annual meeting.

Multiple faculty members, a recent graduate and a third-year student pharmacist, shared their expertise during oral and poster presentations, round table discussions and networking sessions at "Pharmacy Education 2023" in Aurora, Colorado, July 22-25. The four-day conference allowed pharmacy professionals to share ideas, sharpen skills and find solutions to critical issues facing pharmacy education and the changing healthcare landscape.

See a list of presentations and topics from the School of Pharmacy below.

Poster Presentations:

Evaluating the perception of Artificial Intelligence among the PharmD students at West Virginia University
Presented by Dr. Mohammad A. Al-Mamun
Other Authors: Dr. Marina Galvez, Dr. Werner Geldenhuys, Dr. Ronald C. Reed and Dr. David P. Elliot

Pharmacy Student Perceptions of Academically Dishonest Behavior in Skills Activities
Presented by Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman
Other authors: Dr. Lena Maynor, Dr. Ashlee McMillan, Dr. Marina Galvez

Evaluation of Two Simulated Interprofessional Experiences to Demonstrate the Impact of Continuity of Patient Care
Presented by Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman, Dr. Gina Baugh and Dr. Mary Stamatakis
Other author: Dr. Lena Maynor

Interdisciplinary Education Escape Room: Breaking Out to Learn About Each Other
Presented by Dr. Gina Baugh and Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman

Impact of a Clinical Decision-Making Activity in a Capstone Course
Presented by Dr. Miranda Moser, Class of 2023
Other authors: Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman, Dr. Lena Maynor and Dr. Heather A. Johnson

Influence of PHAR 793E On Student Competency Within the Eight Domains of Wellness
Presented by Tyler Trayter, P3
Other authors: Dr. Ashlee McMillian and Dr. Heather A. Johnson

Oral Presentations:

The Ripple Effect: Broadening the Influence of Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Through Interprofessional Education (IPE)
Presented by Dr. Gina Baugh and faculty from other institutions

From Education to Reality: A Multidisciplinary Initiative to Provide Healthcare to People Experiencing Homelessness
Presented by Dr. Gina Baugh and Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman

The Need for Interprofessional Education is Chronic: Getting In-Sync Through Asynchronous Simulations
Presented by Dr. Angela Goodhart and Dr. Ashleigh Barrickman

One for All and All for One!
Presented by Dr. Ahmed Hanif
Other Authors: Dr. Marina Galvez, Dr. Grazyna Szklarz, Dr. Pat Callery, Dr. Benoit Driesschaert and Dr.Mark Garofoli

"Kondo" ™ Your Curriculum: Tackling Curricular Inefficiency at the Academy, Institution, and Faculty Level.
Presented by Dr. Mary Stamatakis and faculty from other institutions

Photos from "Education 2023" are available online.