The West Virginia University School of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported observation results for the sixth week of 'MASCUP!', an ongoing mask observation study.

The purpose of the study is to estimate the percentage of people within the WVU community wearing masks correctly and, ultimately, increase the proportion of people who use masks correctly. Observing mask use can assist universities with determining the adherence among students, faculty and staff to inform public health decision-making.

For the week of March 22-28, 521 people were observed. Of those observed:

  • 477 (91.6 percent) wore masks
  • 44 (8.4 percent) did not wear masks
  • 0 (0.0 percent) was unknown
  • 441 (92.5 percent) of those wearing masks wore them correctly
  • 290 (60.8 percent) wore a cloth mask, representing the most common mask type

Since the start of the observation period (Feb. 15), the eight CDC-trained student observers have reported observing a total of 2,578 individuals. Of that total, 2,426 (94.1 percent) wore masks and 2,228 (91.8 percent) wore them correctly.  

To see a week-by-week comparison, visit the Mask Study Observation page.

WVU is one of 60 colleges and universities across the country participating in MASCUP!, which stands for Mask Adherence Surveillance at Colleges and Universities Project.

The School of Public Health and University will continue to share the results on a weekly basis. If you would like to receive the weekly updates directly, please contact the School of Public Health Marketing and Communications Office.

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Pictured above: WVU freshman Nathaniel Shim watches at the WVU Mountainlair as students return to the WVU Campus for the first day of classes during the Covid-19 pandemic on August 26, 2020. (WVU Photo/Greg Ellis)

CONTACT: Nikky Luna, Director of Marketing and Communications
WVU School of Public Health