A new podcast series produced by University Relations at West Virginia University will seek to answer questions about the new coronavirus, COVID-19.    

In this interview-driven series, “WVU and the Coronavirus” will examine what we already know about COVID-19, find out the latest information about the virus, explore how RNA viruses like coronaviruses work, and learn how the University community has responded to the global pandemic.    

The first episode features Dr. Lisa Costello, a pediatric specialist at WVU Medicine Children’s and assistant professor in the WVU School of Medicine. In the episode, Dr. Costello explores the basics of the virus, what coronaviruses are and how we can best protect ourselves against infection.

New episodes will be released weekly.

The podcast is available to download now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with more services added in the coming days. Subscribe to ensure you get the latest episodes as they are released.

For more information, visit our WVU and the Coronavirus show page.