A Guide from the HSC DEI Subcommittee on Communications

Planning Your Event

As you’re brainstorming:

  • Consider this year’s theme: “Cultural Conversations: Celebrating the Social Significance of Ethnicity
  • Consider populations that aren’t usually featured.
  • Consider students or student organizations. Could they be supported in hosting events or sharing their stories? Feedback received from the 2020 Diversity Week indicated viewers especially enjoyed hearing student experiences and presentations.
  • If the event is virtual, schedule a few minutes after the event for folks who would like to continue the discussion or network.
  • Lock in the details of your event as early as possible, which will allow earlier communications to be distributed.

When details are finalized:

Hosting Your Event

  • A communications toolkit will be shared with you in advance, so you can promote your event on your channels. ETA for toolkit is end of August.
  • Consider those with disabilities. If the event is in-person, is the location accessible? Do you need an interpreter? For virtual events, do we have a closed caption option?
  • If the event is in-person, can a livestream be shared as well? There was a lot of interest after 2020 in making the events as available to everyone as possible.
  • Can your event be recorded? If your presenter is willing, a recording allows the presentation to have a longer shelf life than just the day of the event.

After Your Event

  • If the event was recorded and can be shared with the HSC campus, please send it to Wendy Holdren to be posted.
  • Ask for feedback from attendees.
  • Review with your team — What went well? What could be improved upon for next year?
  • You will receive a survey from HSC. Please fill it out so we can continue making Diversity Week better each year.