The West Virginia University School of Nursing, An Giang University, and the Pacific Links Foundation, in conjunction with professional human health and social service providers associated with other organizations, will host the 15th Annual Summer Social Work and Community Health Institute from May 31 to June 16 via Zoom.

The Institute will offer free social work and community health workshops, an endeavor made possible by the commitment of West Virginia University, An Giang University, and Pacific Links Foundation.

Recommended participants include:

  • Social workers / collaborators / partners of local and international NGOs
  • Staff, faculty, students of social work at universities
  • Working in social work services
  • Interested in social work and public health

All workshops will be presented in both Vietnamese and English. Presentations will be available for participants not only in Vietnam but in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos. A list of workshops and registration instructions will come out later. View sample workshops from 2019.

To learn more, visit the Institute website. To register, sign up online.