Area of Emphasis in Advanced Clinical Practice

Kayla Mitchell Dilcher, Class of 2015, discusses her experience in the Area of Emphasis in Advanced Clinical Practice.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Olivia Kinney, Class of 2016, discusses her experience in the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology program.


The Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum

Created to preserve the fast-disappearing implements and elements of pharmacy practice that had been in existence since West Virginia became a state in 1863, the Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum at the WVU School of Pharmacy houses a unique collection of 18th and 19th century pharmacy memorabilia. See more videos and schedule a tour on the Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum page.

My First Patient

In order to help patients learn to improve their health, practitioners should first take responsibility for their own health. The My First Patient program teaches student pharmacists to practice what they preach.

Staying Connected

Alumni from the WVU School of Pharmacy share how the School gave them the foundation for where they are today.

A Student Pharmacist Perspective

Students share why they chose the WVU School of Pharmacy, the opportunities they have had, and discuss the excellent education you will receive.

The Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences

Ph.D. alumni discuss how the graduate program at the WVU School of Pharmacy shaped their lives and is shaping the education of future researchers.

Support that Changes Lives

The cost of education can weigh on one's mind. Dr. Vicente Anido, Jr., explains why he provides support for students at the WVU School of Pharmacy.