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Through the years, the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy has been nurtured and empowered by the support of our alumni, donors, and friends who have made a strong commitment to the education of future pharmacists. This support has helped us build a strong pharmacy program, rich in real-world practice experiences, that expertly prepares our students for dynamic and successful careers.

The School of Pharmacy has identified several essential funding priorities that will enable us to maintain our high level of academic excellence while ensuring our ability to fulfill our promise of better health for West Virginians, now and in the future.

Funding these priorities will enable the School to increase scholarship support to students in need, to recruit the best and brightest students, to ensure that the School can continue to recruit and retain award-winning faculty and researchers, and to provide for the modernization of our educational facilities.

A strong sense of momentum is pervasive throughout the School of Pharmacy. With your help, the School will continue to grow and innovate, offering our students a world-class education that prepares them to respond to ever-changing, ever-expanding global health needs.

Student Enrichment

The WVU School of Pharmacy has made it a priority to help every student achieve their goal of becoming a future pharmacist and to provide exceptional professional growth experiences by increasing the availability of scholarship awards.

Across the country, the cost of a college education continues to rise as public institutions, like WVU, are faced with increased cuts to federal and state budgets. To offset these cuts, institutions are forced to raise tuition and fees, increasing the financial burden on our students and their families. School of Pharmacy graduates currently average a debt of $89,351*.

By increasing the availability of scholarship awards, the School can also establish recruitment-focused scholarships, positioning the School to attract and retain a diverse, high-achieving student population.

In addition, the School seeks to increase the opportunities for students to participate and present at national and international meetings and conferences, as well as increase the opportunity to participate in global rotational experiences. By supporting these activities through scholarships, the School fosters professional growth and encourages the development of a global healthcare perspective.

Your support for scholarship awards can help alleviate some of the financial burden and reduce our students’ debt, while ensuring high quality educational experiences.

Investment Total: $4 Million

Faculty Enrichment

The pursuit of academic excellence is expensive. It requires not only financial resources, but an ensemble of dedicated faculty to implement and oversee an excellent pharmacy program. Private support is vital in helping the School to recruit and retain award-winning faculty, to support the development of cutting-edge curricular reforms that distinguish the School from other institutions, to offer our faculty unparalleled research opportunities, and to provide professional growth through continuing education.

Investment Total: $1 Million

Facility Improvements

The WVU School of Pharmacy has made significant advances in understanding the cause of diseases and in developing new therapeutic approaches to cancer, stroke, and depression—chronic health issues that place a heavy economic burden on the state and the nation.

To continue to excel in drug discovery and research, the School must renovate its existing research lab space and ensure faculty and students have state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest research-related equipment and technology.

The School is also a leader in understanding the various causes of health disparities in West Virginia, a state consistently ranked among the top three in the U.S. on many morbidity and mortality rankings. Therefore, we must also continuously upgrade our data warehousing and analytical capabilities to evaluate the health status of West Virginians.

Investment Total: $2 Million

The Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum

The School houses the recently renovated Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum, a resource that preserves a unique collection of early West Virginia pharmacy memorabilia, illustrating the progress that has been made in the profession of pharmacy. The Museum requires the oversight of a curator who will develop inter-professional programs designed to educate students and the public, preserve our professional heritage, and provide a historic backdrop for academic and other events at the School.

Investment Total: $1 Million

A Transformative Gift: Naming the School of Pharmacy

The School is among the nation’s well-established—yet still unnamed—schools of pharmacy. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—naming the WVU School of Pharmacy—can be yours. Whether named in your honor, for a parent, or for someone who was instrumental in your life, this opportunity will create a robust endowment that can underwrite
multiple transformational initiatives, helping us fulfill our promise to improve the health of our state and nation, while securing the School’s position as a leader in the pharmacy education field.

An endowment fund of this significance will transform the School’s major initiatives. Examples of programs that this gift will support include the My First Patient program, research in nanoscience, drug discovery, and health outcomes. It will also provide the funding to support the establishment of three endowed chairs, to make key facility improvements, and to establish a Distinguished Lecturer series.

Investment Total: $25 Million

We look to our alumni, donors, and friends for their continued support in helping the WVU School of Pharmacy secure its legacy as one of the most progressive and innovative schools of pharmacy in the nation.

*Average indebtedness calculated by the HSC Office of Financial Aid based on the Class of 2015 graduating students in the professional Pharm.D. program. The figure does not include any debt borrowed prior to enrolling in the Pharm.D. program.