Office of Continuing Education

Instructions for Accessing the Continuing Education Database and Completing Online Evaluations


Instructions for Accessing or Creating an Account in theWVU School of Pharmacy Continuing Education Database

  • On the log-in page, you will see “Current Account Holders” on the left of the page. Note: If you have previously created or updated your account, please use the email address and password you selected to log-in. If you have not updated or created your account, and have taken any continuing education (CE) programs from June 2011 through December 2012 offered by the WVU School of Pharmacy, you have a current account. Please follow the instructions below to access your account. If not, you will need to create a new account and can do that without these instructions. Please enter your license number and email address in New Account Sign-up side of the log-in screen.
  • To access your current account, your email address will be your first name, last name, zip code An example is Your password will be your zip code twice (e.g., 1543615436). When the current data was transferred, some names were shortened or misspelled, and some zip codes may be incorrect.   If you experience problems assessing your current account, please contact Michael Kurilla, CE Program Specialist, at 304-293-5103 or e-mail
  • Update your account information (do not change password) and save the changes. Note: Change your e-mail address to your current e-mail (e.g., home or work).   If you change your password during this step, the password will not save.
  • Next, go back to update your account and change your password. Note: Your updated email address and password will now be used to log-in.


 Instructions for Completing Online Evaluations

  • Program evaluations will be completed on-line. Go to our homepage:
  • Click on the “West Virginia University School of Pharmacy Continuing Education Database Log-In” link on the left. To complete the program evaluation, click the “Complete Live Activity Evaluations” link, and then click on the link of the evaluation. Enter the access code (given at the end of the continuing education session) and click Submit Access Code. Next, you will fill-in the evaluation and submit. A copy of the statement will be emailed to you, as well as available in your online account for printing.
  • To receive CE credit for a program, a participant must sign-in for the program and complete the on-line evaluation.   Note: The list of participants filling out the evaluation form will be cross-checked with the sign-in sheet prior to CE credit being awarded and forwarded to the CPE Monitor database.