School of Pharmacy Centers

Health Education Center

The West Virginia University School of Pharmacy Health Education Center was developed in 2008 with the primary mission of integrating wellness education and disease prevention activities into the Pharm.D. program.

Rational Drug Therapy Program

The Rational Drug Therapy Program (RDTP) is dedicated to safe, rational, cost-effective, and patient outcome oriented drug therapy.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Task Force

The WVU School of Pharmacy WMD Task Force is made up of pharmacy students (Year 1 through Year 4) who have voluntarily completed training in the recognition and management of a weapons of mass destruction event.

West Virginia Center for Drug & Health Information

The primary mission of the WVCDHI is to improve and enhance the health and well-being of West Virginia's citizens by serving as a comprehensive drug information resource for health care providers throughout the state.

West Virginia Poison Center (WVPC)

The West Virginia Poison Center (WVPC) offers assessment and emergency treatment advice on accidental exposures to medications and household substances, plant ingestions, snake, spider and other insect bites and stings, chemical spills, occupational exposures, and drug overdoses.


The WV CoHORTS Center was established in June 2006 through a “Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity” grant (1 P20 HS15930-02) from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Wigner Institute for Advanced Pharmacy Practice, Education, and Research

The mission of the Wigner Institute for Advanced Pharmacy Practice, Education, and Research at the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy (WVU SOP) is to advance pharmacy practice by providing education, training, and resources to optimize health outcomes in West Virginia.