Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Curriculum (IPPE)

Introductory pharmacy practice experiences are required by the 2007 ACPE standards to be 5% of the pharmacy school curriculum. This provides students approximately 300 hours of hands-on activities during their first three years of the professional curriculum.

Our current program provides community pharmacy experiences in the first year, service learning activities that are directly related to healthcare and institutional pharmacy practices in the second year, and the third year progresses to clinical practice activities in the acute and ambulatory settings.

Professional Year 1

Course Coordinator: Gina Baugh

  • Students assigned one community pharmacy site and preceptor for their P1 activities
  • 160 hours capstone community rotation at the end of the P1 year
  • 2 hour introductory visit to assigned community agency for service learning during spring semester

Total: 162 Hours

Professional Year 2

Course Coordinators: Gina Baugh and Alexis McMillen (Center for Civic Engagement)

  • 25 hours service learning activities during the fall semester
  • 25 hours service learning activitiesduring the spring semester
  • 80 hours capstone institutional rotation at the end of the P2 year

Total: 130 Hours

Professional Year 3

Course Coordinators: Gina Baugh, Lena Maynor (Acute Care), and Travis White (Ambulatory Care)

  • One-half of the class will complete acute care activities during the fall semester and ambulatory care activities in the spring semester and vice versa
  • 20 hours completing acute care activities at Ruby Memorial Hospital either fall or spring semester
  • 20 hours completing ambulatory care activities at Milan Puskar Health Right and WVU School of Pharmacy Health Education Center either fall or spring semester

Total: 40 Hours