Office of Research and Graduate Programs

Graduate Program Descriptions

The Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences is based in the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy. Two pathways are offered: 1) Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (PPS) which emphasizes basic laboratory research, and 2) Health Outcomes (HO) which emphasizes population and policy research. Both pathways lead to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

Our graduate program features multidisciplinary coursework and seminars to provide students with a diversified background in the theories and techniques of contemporary research. In addition, we take pride in our collaborative environment, and maintain a favorable faculty-student ratio to promote collegial interactions among faculty, research scientists, and individual students.
Our research-oriented program is designed to develop the interests and capabilities of participating students and prepare them for rewarding careers in academic research, teaching, biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, health policy and management. We invite you to explore your potential in our program!

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