Applications due Aug. 13

The Teaching Scholars Program will be held via Zoom for one hour each Thursday from Sept. 2, 2021, through May 19, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. This program is open to faculty on ALL WVU Campuses.

This online teaching development program focuses on developing and promoting educational skills, critical thinking, innovative teaching, scholarship in education, and enhancing leadership skills among WVU faculty. Consider how this program could have an impact on your individual professional development and your department’s accreditation process.

Scholars will read the online resources at their convenience and come prepared to the ZOOM session for an informal discussion with an expert on that topic. During the second year of the program scholars work in groups on education related research.

Applications should be submitted electronically by Aug. 13, 2021. Enrollment
will be limited to 30 faculty.

For more information, visit the Faculty Development website.

Comments on the Teaching Scholars Program:

As a result of my Teaching Scholars experience I have gained considerable confidence through the camaraderie and feedback of my Teaching Scholars colleagues. I now easily provide twice the teaching services I did prior to my participation in the program.”

“Every week I learn something that I didn't know and I gain insights into ideas/strategies that I can implement into my classes. I am so excited about delving deeper into some of the things I have learned about and actually implementing them into the classroom. This is an excellent program that I will highly recommend to all staff (no matter how experienced they may be). Thank you for the opportunity!”

“As a result of being a Scholar I have been exposed to different philosophies and strategies regarding teaching and learning.”

“The year I spent in the discussion time as a part of the TSP will continue to provide intellectual energy as I approach interaction with students and faculty.”